About Zebryx

Zebryx is a digital identity and financial intelligence consultancy that works with public and private sector clients worldwide to advise on emerging, alternative payment systems, digital identity, anonymous transactions, digital forensics, and two key areas:

The Dark Web

Zebryx is one of only a handful of expert consultancies that covers the Dark Web.  Ranging from identifying illicit activities in the hidden Internet to consulting on the tracking of financial flows through anonymizing technologies for law enforcement, Zebryx is a key provider of services in this sector.


The company’s principle consulting clients include businesses, government organizations, financial sector firms, and banking firms who wish to implement blockchain-based solutions in their portfolio of services and systems.  Key industries served include financial services and healthcare, focusing especially on identity-based applications of the blockchain.

Other Services

In addition to its Dark Web and Blockchain consultancy services, Zebryx offer expertise in the following areas:

Zebryx regularly provides training to and advises senior leadership within financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, and law enforcement agencies globally. Our associates regularly present at major conferences, events and also lead training programs.  We focus both on the technical and security aspects of digital payments and systems — and on enabling such systems to achieve success within a solid security framework.

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